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Friday, September 20, 2013

Five for Friday: Multiplication Mania

Good Friday evening! We did it! We made it to another weekend. Whoop whoop! ;)

I am teaming up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for another installment of

1. I am going to Disney World!!! ...well, I will be anyway, come next Summer. I am so excited, you don't even know it. My family planned the time out perfectly so that my boyfriend and I can go during Star Wars Weekend, because they rock! One thing you may or may not know about me is that I LOVE to plan things! I am definitely looking forward to planning this vacation out. It's been two years, people!

2. iOS 7. Well, like most people out there, I joined the bandwagon and updated my iPad. Can I just say that I adore it! It's like getting a brand new iPad. Seriously, I found myself thinking, "wow this is so much faster! ...wait...I didn't actually get a new iPad. Just a new operating system." I know there are some people out there that are waiting, for various reasons, but trust me, you'll be happy with it! (By the way, I am by no means the type of person that has to have the latest and greatest. Point in case: I don't have a smartphone. In fact, I had the same phone for nearly 4 years before I had to trade it in because the battery went loopy.)

3. Christmas stuff is starting to roll out in some stores. There are definitely some people out there that will groan at this notion, to which I say, "bah humbug!" Christmas is amazing! In fact, I start listening to Christmas music in October. shh...I'm not crazy...Plus, it helps me get in the mood to spread out all the Christmas cheer aka presents that must be bought into three months instead of 1 or 2. Food for thought, people. ;)

4. Did you talk like a pirate yesterday? I was kind of sad to miss out on the fun, but my sweatpants were calling my name more than doughnuts. ...however, today I could totally go for some. Isn't that just how life works? Ha! Oh well.

5. Multiplication Mania! Multiplication Mania! I have a bad case of multiplication mania. This is the first year that I will teach it, so I think I've gone a little crazy with products for TpT because of it. As promised, I gave you a sneak peak of my latest product, so here it is:
 Multiplication trading cards!! I have several boys that are totally into Pokemon cards, so that got me thinking. As a grade level, we decided to have an ice cream party for all of the students that learn their facts at the end of the year, which is going to be awesome. However, there are some kiddos that need a little more here and now kind of reward. So here is what I did:
When a student learns his or her fact, he or she will get the trading card for the next fact. So, I started with 1 instead of 0. After he or she learns 0, he or she will be given the trading card for the 1 times table. On it, there is a trick to help the students learn/study the tables. Once he or she passes the times table timed test, he or she will be given the 2 trading card, an so on. It all leads up to the final card. And this is where I leaned on the knowledge of the stinkin Pokemon card excitement. After the student learns his or her 12 table, he or she is given the final card, which is no ordinary card, my friends. It will be the only one that is laminated, and where the number would be, I will put a shiny, sparkly star sticker. The last card is the holographic card! That's right! Holographic! Who wouldn't want to earn that? I plan to have this set up no later than Tuesday to my TpT shop! Can't wait! ;)

On top of the trading cards, I have also been working on task cards for each table. They are almost complete! I need to edit the last batch, 9-12, and then they will be up for sale, along with the 2-8 already in my shop. Hopefully I can figure out how to create a zip file. If so, I plan to have them bundled for a discount!

Enjoy your weekend!!
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